Are Toner TN243&TN247 Compatible for Brother HL-L3210CW or Brother DCP-L3550CDW?

brother hl-l3210cw

Now, let me tell you something about the good performance for printers Brother HL-L3210CW or Brother DCP-L3550CDW, the features of Atoner compatible Toner TN243 & TN247, remarkable advantages, toner selection tips, and so on.

Great quality and performance of Brother HL-L3210CW & Brother DCP-L3550CDW printers

Brother printers are the most hot-selling brand printers in the world. In fact, there are 2 kinds of printer — LED printer and LCD printer. LCD printer is without doubt much more advanced than the previous LED printer.

It boast off its efficient printing and scanning, versatile paper handling, excellent quality and performance. The laser printer has the print speed of 19 pages per minute and the first print out time is less than 15.5 seconds. With four toner cartridges inside, the printer outputs documents at a greatest print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. You can also enjoy the professional printing quality results in sharp black and rich, vivid color.

What’s more, its versatile paper handling consists of an adjustable 250 sheet paper tray and a 30-sheet multi-purpose tray. With the paper capacity of 250 pages in the paper tray, you don’t need to often refill paper in the slot. If you need an automatic 2-sided print, you can only use the colour touchscreen display and make it manually by selecting the “duplex print” option. When you need to scan a document and get a print copy, you can open the cover and press the option of “copy”. Then you will get a print copy at once.

Next, the automatic document feeder offers flexible paper handling for different kinds of papers and sizes. They include plain paper, recycled paper, bond, envelopes, labels & glossy paper to meet your various printing needs.

Last, you can connect it to mobile devices. You have many connection options with built-in wireless and Wi Fi Direct® or connect locally to a computer through USB interface. As long as there is wireless network in the office, you can print wirelessly from your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

brother dcp-l3550cdw toner

The comparison and contrast between Toner TN243 & TN247

As we all know, if you buy a brother printer, then you have to keep buying toner replacements. Yet, the original Brother toners are very expensive. As daily printing consumables, you have to buy them again and again for long term use. Thus, all the buyers need to find a perfect cost-saving alternative of original toners. Atoner is a very reliable retailer about office supplies, which can offer you a wide range of products to choose. Below is a brief introduction about TN243& TN247.

1. Strong capability of Toner TN243 & TN247

These 2 toners have the same compatible Printers: Brother HL-L3210CW, HL-L3230cdw, HL-L3270CDW MFC-L3710CW MFC-L3730CDN MFC-L3750CDW, Brother MFC L3770CDW, Brother DCP-L3510CDW , Brother DCP-L3550CDW, etc.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility. If your original Brother MFC-L3770CDW toner runs out, you can try our compatible TN243 or TN247 as toner replacement.

2. High quality components

High precision gearing: It has smoother greyscale gradations, smoother rotation without paper jams and clearer, sharper printed graphics.

High-quality chip: It has perfect recognition on the machine and strong compatibility, so that it can keep the printer working continuously and stably.

High-quality toner: Atoner uses the imported high-quality fine toner, fine and uniform particles, which are conducive to the toner’s coordinated movement inside the printing system and not easy to wear accessories. It can present perfect color output to you with vivid colors, realistic and natural printing effects.

Charge roller: It has good abrasion resistance and uniform charge load, which is adaptable to various superb environments. Print results are not affected in the environments with rated high temperature and high humidity, or low temperature and low humidity. As a result, users can see firm print fixing, smooth lines with no ghosting underlay.

3. TN243 & TN247 has different capacity and applicable situations

TN243 & TN247 have a lot of features in common, yet, they also have a lot of difference. The page yield of TN243 is less than that of TN247.

The page yield of TN243 Brother DCP-L3550 CDW toner black is 1400 pages, while color toners can yield up to 1300 pages. This capacity is not very high, but it is enough for home or small offices. In contrast, TN247 is a high yield toner. Brother DCP-L3550 Toner compatible TN-247 black toner has a page yield up to 3,000 pages, while TN247 color toners can yield up to 2,300 pages. The high yield toner can meet the need of big offices, factories, schools, hospitals, etc.

Thus, you can make the best choice according to your personal needs.

brother dcp-l3550cdw toner

Reasons to choose Atoner TN243 & TN247

1. Adequate print volume.

Our TN243 / TN247 compatible toner cartridges are 100% filled with powder to ensure that the print results and page yield can reach the levels that the original cartridges can print. The printed sheets can be 20% more than original Brother DCP L3550CDW toners.

2. Highly realistic colour reproduction.

The toner cartridge determines the quality of the print. Our products print with a fine and realistic effect. It is comparable to the Brother original Toner Brother HL-L3210CW TN 247 toner. The quality and print resolution of the output graphics are very high.

3. Perfectly compatible with printers.

Brother TN243 Toner cartridges and Brother TN247 Toner cartridges are well matched to the printer and are made from eco-friendly and reliable accessory materials for durability. As a result, it can extend the printer life.

4. Suitable for a variety of special occasions.

Atoner toner cartridges have developed different types of modes for special applicable sites, such as hospitals, home, schools, commercial places. It can meet the needs of various markets. Atoner compatible toners are cost-effective, high quality and trustworthy.

5. Eco-friendly and healthy.

Atoner continues to pursue innovation and technological leadership in the field of office supplies. Each component has been cleverly designed to ensure the same quality as the original toner cartridge, while making every effort to save on raw materials.

Atoner toner also produces far less waste powder than similar products on the market. Its toner won’t spill out, so it can create an eco-friendly and healthy office living environment.

6. Strict quality testing

Every process is rigorously tested, from the selection of raw materials to the output of the product. So no defective toner cartridge is spared from entering the market. Atoner products are also tested regularly after they flow into the market, to ensure that every consumer get the products with zero defects.

brother dcp-l3550cdw toner

What should you do after your original Brother dcp-l3550cdw toner run out?

As a matter of fact, each brother HL-L3210CW colour laser printer is equipped with original 4 toners and cartridges. But you can only use them for a short period of time. What if you use up all the toners but you don’t know where to buy compatible toner replacement? Let me give you the answers as follows.

Toner cartridges are most used office supplies, you may pay much attention to the cost-performance ratio and good quality. Yet, the original toners are very expensive. So you need to buy compatible toners with good quality to save more money. Atoner can offer a good solution to this problem. Atoner is a professional retailer of office supplies with wide recognition from customers around the world. Atoner toner can offer you good quality prints with less cost, as well as professional customer service. If you have any question like dcp-l3550cdw reset toner, Brother MFC-L3730 toner reset, MFC-L3770cdw toner reset, or brother dcp-l3550cdw software, you can contact the customer service personnel. They will always be there for you.

Tips on selecting TN243 / TN247 toners

  1. Before replacing the toner cartridge, you can use a hoover to clean the place where it is placed inside the machine. Then use a soft cloth to clean the accumulated paper scraps and toner on the paper path. At last, the exposed electrical contact pad can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to maintain a good electrical contact.
  2. When choosing paper for printing, do not use paper that is creased, unevenly cut, too thick or too hard. This is because they will affect the print quality and wear out the OPC drum.
  3. Make sure that the toner cartridge is kept away from the monitor, hard drive or any other magnetic materials.

Selection steps:

1) Take a cursory look at the packaging: Genuine Atoner toners have beautiful printing quality and bright colors on the outer package. Counterfeit products have rough printing quality, blurred images, gray colors, extremely imitated traces on the package, and inconsistency between internal product and outer packaging,etc.

2) Take a closer look at the connections: If there are signs of “punching” or the blue layer of the screw (which is the black heat treatment layer) is damaged, it is most likely to be a recycled product.

3) Scan the surface:The surface of the drum core of the self-powdered toner cartridge is rough with obvious scratches. The number of scratches is proportional to the frequency of use of the toner. Our Atoner original new drum is without any scratches.

4)Look at the printing effect: The new Atoner toner cartridge prints out delicate and clear images and texts, and the cartridge’s drum powder adheres very well, with no protruding particles on the paper after printing. In contrast, the counterfeit toner will appear toner printed on paper and erase the printed words. Some of the drum powder particles are coarse, scratching the drum core. Then they cause partial failure of light sensitivity and form a permanent blank on the surface of paper.

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