Brother MFC-L3770CDW & Brother DCP-L3550CDW Manual

Brother dcp l3510cdw

After you buy a new Brother printer, what you care about most are operating instructions, quick setup, printer maintenance, common troubleshooting, etc. You may want to know the general operating system of printers, how to set up and make it work efficiently. When a printer fails, you may also wonder how to troubleshoot and get it to work. Besides, when the toner runs out, you may also want to know how to refill the toner. Thus, I will give you a detailed introduction to remove all your worries. After you read the Brother DCP-L3550CDW manual, you will have a better understanding about all the information you need.

An overall understanding of Brother MFC-L3770CDW & Brother DCP-L3550CDW LCD and Buttons

Actually, printers like Brother DCP-L3550CDW/Brother MFC-L3770CDW/Brother MFC-L3730CDN/Brother HL-L3210CW colour laser printers all have the same components and functions. They all have the same touchscreen liquid crystal display, menu buttons, dial pad, a Brother DCP-L3550CDW manual and LED power indicator. You can easily master the function if you click each button one by one. Yet, I have 2 tips for you about using the Touchscreen LCD. You mustn’t press the LCD with a sharp object, such as a pencil, a ball pen. This is because it may damage the smart machine. Moreover, you should never touch the LCD the minute you plug in the power cord or turn on the printer.

After you know all the buttons about the printer, you may have to set the wi fi status of your colour laser printer. Brother HL-L3230CDW WI FI setup is very easy. There are two modes for you to choose, wired LAN status or wireless status. If there is WIFI in your small office, you can press to configure wireless status. Then the indicator can show you the current signal strength.

Moreover, you also need to load paper in the paper tray. Then the automatic document feeder can send paper into the printer, you can get a quick print if you have a try. If everything is ready, you can print well with your printer.

brother mfc-l3770cdw

The Quick Assembly of Brother DCP-L3510CDW & Brother DCP-L3510CDW

After you get the machine, you should open the box and check all the components one by one. All the components include drum units and Brother TN247 Toner cartridges, waste toner box, belt unit, telephone line cord, AC power cord, telephone line cord adapter, as well as a Brother Installation disc. The specific steps are as follows. Let me tell you step by step.

1. tear off all the packing tape and install the drum unit and multipack toner cartridges once again.

2. load the paper in the automatic document feeder. You can adjust the length and width of the paper tray, but you can’t exceed the mark at the edge.

3. get your power cord connected, then you can switch the printer on.

4. select your country and language according to your situation.

5. select a computer or smartphone to connect to your printer

Attention: If you use brother DCP L3510CDW, you had better configure wireless settings.

6. configure alternative wireless setup. If it is connected to your computer, you have to install software. At the same time, if yo want to connect your printer to your phone, you need to install apps on your phone.

7. After your printer is assembled well, and everything is ready, you can print a Test Print page. If you have any problem about the installation procedures, you can contact us anytime.

Brother MFC-L3770CDW

The installation of Brother MFC-L3770CDW/ Brother HL-L3270CDW /Brother MFC-L3730CDN driver

It is very important to install a driver into the printer. Usually, a printer driver is used with Brother machines via USB and the network. The features of Brother printer driver depend on the machines’ functions and connection types. 

Do you know how to use Brother universal printer driver? Let me tell you the answers step by step. If you use the Windows Firewall or other anti-spyware or antivirus applications, you should disable them first, so as to allow the Printer Driver to search the machines on your network. 

1: choose the application you want to use 

2: Click “File”, and then click “Print” in the application. 

3: Choose “Brother Universal Printer” and click either “Preferences” or “Properties” 

Finally, The Brother Universal Printer dialog box will show up. If you use the driver for the first time, then you have already made the “Discover devices tab” active. 

Besides these instructions about setup, you may also have to know something about the printer maintenance. 

brother mfc-l3770cdw

Excellent printing performance of Brother HL-L3270CDW, Brother DCP L3510CDW and Brother HL-L3270CDW

Brother printer is one of the best brand printers in the world. It is famous for its super fast printing and scanning, multifunctional paper handling, convenient and cost-efficient printing. Brother HL-L3270CDW can print documents up to 25 pages per minute and scan documents up to 20 black images per minute and 22 color images per minute. You can also enjoy the professional printing quality, rich and vivid color printouts. The multifunctional paper handling of Brother DCP-L3510CDW consists of a 250 sheet adjustable paper tray and a 30-sheet multi-purpose tray.      You can get single-pass duplex print and scan through the auto document feeder.

The running costs of Brother printers are much lower, so you can save a lot of money when using the printer. There are a lot of toners compatible for Brother HL-L3270CDW, such as TN227, TN243, TN247, etc. Normally, when you buy a genuine toner, you can get the original toner cartridges together with other components. However, these MFC-L3770CDW toners or Brother HL-L3210cw toners can’t last long. After you print for a short period of time, you may have to buy many toner cartridge replacements for further use. You can turn to Atoner for help.

Atoner can offer compatible Toner Brother HL-L3210CW TN 247 toners with high quality for Brother printers. There is a wide range of products for you to choose, you can get professional printouts with lower cost. Besides, if you place an order about toner brother HL-L3210CW (Brother HL L3210CW toner) or Brother DCP-L3550 CDW toner black, you can enjoy free next day delivery on working days. So, it won’t take long before you get the package. After all, Atoner has an excellent customer service team. However, if you have any doubt about Brother DCP-L3550CDW Manual or Brother DCP-L3550 Toner compatible TN-247, you can turn to your printer supplier for help, they will always be there for you.

Last but not the least, you may also want to know something about Brother MFC-L3730 toner reset, you can also contact for technical support online. Atoner will never let you down.


Tips on how to maintain Brother MFC-L3770CDW printers

Even though the printer is of good quality, you also need to use and maintain it properly. Here are some tips about how to maintain the printer.

Keep the printer in the environment with right temperature and humidity

The room temperature should be controlled at about 22℃, and the relative temperature remains 20%~80%. Direct sunlight and chemical erosion should be avoided. The laser printer adsorbs the charged toner to the OPC drum, then prints from the drum to the printing paper by heating the toner and dissolving it into the paper fibre to fulfill the printing function, according to the command from the computer.
Thus, the OPC drum plays an crucial role in the whole laser printing process. That is why the maintenance of the OPC drum is even more important. The OPC drum should be kept at a relative humidity of 20% to 80% and a temperature of 10°C to 32.5°C. It should keep away from direct sunlight. A constant temperature and humidity is also necessary.

laser printers work on the principle of photoelectricity to dissolve the toner into the paper, so the paper for laser printers must be dry and non-static, otherwise it is easy to cause paper jam or make the printed documents black. Printing paper should be kept at a temperature range from 17°C to 23°C and a relative humidity from 40% to 50% to get the best printing results.

Timely replace the ozone filter

Laser printers will produce O3 during the printing process and Ozone filters must be changed every 50,000 prints, although the ozone filter looks clean, but it can no longer filter ozone. When using the printer, you should avoid the following 4 situations:
a. The printer is placed in a crowded environment,
b. The room is not well-ventilated,
c. The printer exhaust port is facing the operator’s face,
d. The ozone filter is used for too long, etc.
This is because Ozone generated by printers during the printing process is harmful to our body. Thus, it is necessary to improve the working environment of the printer, and replace the ozone filter in time.

Regular Cleaning and troubleshooting of the printer

The optical dark box in the laser printer is a key component of the printer. If the optical components are dirty, the digital information transmitted from the computer cannot be accurately transformed from photoelectricity to electrostatic latent image. That is, the digital information of text and images cannot be correctly transferred on the carrier.

So the cleanliness of the optical parts is the main factor affecting the quality effect of the carrier. The optical components and positions in the dark box are positioned with very precise and special equipment and cannot be moved without special equipment.
Cleaning maintenance of laser beam inspection mirrors, fiber heads, focusing lenses, hexagonal prisms, etc. should be carried out with great care and attention.

To clean the components and parts above, you should only use bamboo tweezers or soft wood pieces or small sticks to avoid metal damage or scratches to the optical parts during the cleaning process. Dry cleaning is best for hexagonal prisms, while other parts can be dry cleaned or washed. If you need washing by water, you can use anhydrous ethanol as water.
For cleaning, you can use a wooden or bamboo tool with a chamois or medicinal skimmer to achieve a clean effect, although it is best to “dry clean”, as “washed skimmer” tends to lose fibre, which affects the optical effect.

On working days, you should always use a dry cloth to wipe away the paper scraps and dirt in the laser printer, and clean the corona wire, etc. Only in this way can you ensure the normal use of the printer and extend its life.

Troubleshooting of paper jam

If the paper jam failure happens during the printing process, you can open the printer cover, pull out the paper stuck in the printer, and then close the printer cover, the fault can be removed at last. If frequent failures occur, you should use a dry cloth to clean the printer’s corona wire and paper feed track.
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