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Canon 046 Magenta toner cartridge Description

This Canon 046 toner bundle contains 4 cartridges, including Canon 046 black, Canon 046 cyan, Canon 046 yellow, Canon 046 magenta. So it is the same with Canon 046H toner bundle. To make things clear, let me make a contrast and comparison of Canon 046H toner bundle and Canon 046 toner bundle.

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First, Both of Canon 046H toner cartridge set and 046 toners can well work with Canon I-Sensys LBP653CDW toner. However, they have different page yields. Canon 046H black toner cartridge and other 3 color toners can yield up to 5000 pages. 5000 pages is a very high capacity for users. By contrast, 046 black toner cartridge and other color toners can only yield to 2300 pages per color. That is to say, our compatible Canon 046 Magenta toner can only yield up to 2300 pages. This standard capacity is enough for users who work in a small office or home office. Anyway, please select the most suitable one according to your printing needs.


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Besides, we have confidence in our Canon 046H toner bundle because we have upgraded our IC chips. For Canon 046H yellow and other color toners, IC chips are very important accessories. Atonerstore adopted the latest upgraded chips to make sure the toners can be easily recognized. So please add our compatible canon 046h toner bundle on our store, we will pack and dispatch them as soon as possible. After you submit your personal contact information and address of receipt, we will arrange for the delivery of your order from the nearest warehouse.

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Some common problems with Canon 046 magenta toner cartridges

  1. The toner cartridge is leaking powder, apart from the shell damage, usually due to the transport process or due to the accumulation of powder in the magnetic roller inside the toner cartridge during the use of some customers. The solution is simple, just turn the drum core clockwise a few times and everything will be fine.
  2. When printing, black (or other colour) horizontal lines sometimes appear, this can be caused by damage to the magnetic rollers or by running them on different axes, resulting in uneven gaps between them and the toner cartridge. When this happens, there is also an uneven transfer of toner to the OPC surface.
  3. After installing the toner cartridge, the printer sometimes fails to respond. You can continue to install the cartridge in the printer and check whether the right rear corner is in place. For some cartridge models, the chip is installed in the right rear corner position. Without this chip, the printer won’t recognize the cartridge, so you must install the chip.
  4. The printer prints out some small black dots on the page. It may be caused by scratches on the toner cartridge or charging rollers. Foreign matter or paper dust in the printer can rub the OPC drum. If the OPC drum has been damaged, you have no choice but to replace a new toner cartridge.
  5. Visible undercoating on printed documents is usually a problem with the drum core or toner.


Frequently asked questions about Canon 046 magenta toners

Q1: How often shall I replace my toner cartridge?

A1: Usually, 046H toners have a high capacity. It can last for 2-3 months, so you needn’t replace it too frequently. When the toner is going to run out, the printer will show “Low toner” on the screen. Please replace the toner cartridge at once.

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