Samsung CLT Y404S Yellow Toner Cartridge Compatible


Page Yield:
Yellow: 1,000 pages

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Atonerstore CLT Y404S Compatible with Samsung CLT Y404S Yellow Toner Cartridge

Atonerstore CLT Y404S yellow toner is compatible with Samsung CLT Y404S. It has very full color, intelligent drum, fine toner, good printing quality, as well as free next-day delivery. As you imagine, you can get professional printouts while paying less. Besides, this toner is guaranteed to work with your Samsung Xpress laser printers, such as the C430 series and C480 series. Samsung Y404S toner has a page yield of 1000 pages, and so does Atonerstore compatible one. If you work in a small office or home office, then it is a perfect choice. As a cost-effective replacement, our compatible toner can definitely meet your daily needs.
There are reasons why you should choose us as a perfect replacement toner.

Full Color and Sharp Prints from Samsung CLT Y404S Toner

Nowadays, when you print office documents, the printing quality of the Samsung CLT K404S black toner cartridge can be too monotonous and dull. And it is not good to highlight the key parts. To make my office printing experience more innovative, you can get the Atonerstore CLT 404S toner cartridge 4-color set.
The four toners included in the set are CLT-K404S toner, yellow toner, cyan toner, and magenta toner. These 4 colors are more prominent, so you can see a very sharp, full colour effect, and better reproduction. On the one hand, it can effectively avoid uneven color development during printing, making colors intense and clear. On the other hand, it can also provide a color effect that is not easy to fade even after long storage.
The black toner cartridge can print up to 1500 pages of A4 paper, while the Samsung Y404S toner can print up to 1000 pages. This capacity is enough to last for two to three months for normal office printing.

Samsung C404S toner

Intelligent Drum Cartridge for Clear Image

The CLT-Y404S/ELS toner cartridge is made with a smart core. When you get it you will find that the overall production process is superb and delicate, with good texture and no cheap imperfections.
In fact, the CLT-Y404S Samsung toner cartridge is able to achieve even color and firm fixing! The printed text has sharp edges without blurring, and the image display is more vivid and dark with natural imaging. The image is comparable to that of the original toner cartridge! There is no big difference between using it and the original Samsung toner CLT Y404S.

Fine Toner of Atonerstore Samsung Y404S Toner for Quality Presentation

Besides, I must praise the quality of the toner in the Atonerstore toner. The powder particles are fine and smooth, so it can reduce the amount of waste powder significantly. And one of the great benefits of our compatible Samsung CLT-Y404S yellow toner cartridge is that it won’t hurt your Samsung printer!
Some people think Samsung SL C430W compatible toners are not perfect to use because they aren’t made to a high standard. These toner cartridges will not only lead to blurred prints and easy fading but may also cause damage to the Samsung printer parts. But if you are using our Samsung CLT-Y404S yellow toner or CLT M404S toner, you won’t worry about this problem. Many customers have used Atonerstore Samsung Y404S toner for a long time, and they all give us good feedback.

Samsung Xpress SL C480W toner

Easy Installation for Convenient Operation

The toner cartridge is also very easy to install. First, you need to take the cartridge out of the box and shake it horizontally a few times to evenly distribute the toner. Then remove the seal, and release the buckle and protective cover in turn. At last, put it in the slot of your laser printer. The process of installation is convenient and effortless.

Attentive Customer Service

Besides all the features of our toner, you can also enjoy great customer service. It includes various payment methods by major credit cards, free next-day delivery, an easy return and refund procedure, a 2-year warranty, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, etc.
For example, when paying for our toner cartridges, you can choose different payment methods, such as Paypal and a major credit card–Visa. If you place an order in the Atonerstore store before 4 p.m., then your package will be packed and dispatched on the same day. When you get the package, you find the product defective. Then you can apply for a full refund or a new replacement for the bad one. Whenever you send a message online, our customer service personnel will respond to you within 24 hours.
All in all, Atonerstore will never let you down if you trust us. You will be amazed by our cost-effective toner with high quality and excellent service. So don’t hesitate to add it to your cart!
Samsung CLT C404S Cyan toner cartridge

Frequently Asked Questions about CLT-Y404S Toner Cartridge

Q1: How long will a CLT-Y404S toner cartridge last?

A1: Manufacturers will usually offer an approximate page yield value for their cartridges. It can indicate how long a Samsung Xpress printer cartridge will last.
The life of a toner depends on the amount of printing you do, as manufacturers typically define one printed page as a standard business letter.
Printing photos and graphics will use more ink. If you’re printing these types of documents regularly, then you may find that your toner needs replacing quickly.

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