The Differences between Toner Cartridges and Drum Units in Laser Printing

Atonerstore Brother TN2420 toner and Brother DR 2400 Toner

Anyone who owns a laser printer is familiar with the process of replacing a toner cartridge. However, not everyone knows drum units well. So, before we proceed, let’s define them both:

The Difference between Brother Drum Unit and Brother Toner Cartridge

What Is A Brother Drum Unit?

A Brother drum unit is an essential component of a laser printer, copier, or multifunction device. It is responsible for transferring toner onto paper during the printing process. The drum unit is typically designed to last for several thousand pages before replacement. For example, Brother DR2400 drum units are specifically manufactured to work with Brother printers. They are available in various models and sizes to meet different printing needs. Proper care and maintenance of the drum unit can ensure that the printer produces high-quality prints and lasts for a long time.

However, you may also meet some problems when using the printer. Below is the most common problems about printers.

Atonerstore Brother TN2420 and TN2420X

What is a Brother Toner Cartridge?

Brother toner cartridges are consumable components used in Brother laser printers and multifunction devices to produce high-quality prints. These cartridges contain toner powder, consisting of fine particles of plastic, iron, and other materials that are fused onto paper through heat and pressure to create the printed image. Brother toner cartridges come in various sizes and configurations to fit different printer models and printing needs. Let’s take Brother TN2420 toner cartridge or TN2420X for example. It is designed to be easily replaceable, so the printing process is always smooth and efficient. Brother toner cartridges are known for their reliability, consistency, and excellent print quality. That’s why they are popular choices for home and business users alike.

The Difference between An HP Toner with An Incorporated Drum Unit and A Brother’s Drum and Powder Separation

HP toners with an incorporated drum unit and Brother’s drum and toner separation are two different types of toner cartridges used in laser printers.
HP toners with an incorporated drum unit is also called all-in-one toners. They contain both the toner and the drum unit within a single cartridge. That is to say, when you replace the toner, you also need to replace the drum unit. As a result, the maintenance process is simplified. These cartridges are often used in HP printers.
On the other hand, Brother’s drum unit and toner cartridge come in a separate way. They have the drum and toner units separated into two different cartridges. For example, The toner cartridge tn2420 only contains the toner powder, while the drum unit DR2400 is a separate component. Users can replace the drum unit less frequently than the toner cartridge. These cartridges are typically used in Brother printers.
Both types of cartridges have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them largely depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

The Benefits of Brother’s Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge Separation Design

Brother’s drum unit and toner cartridge separation design offers several benefits:
1)Cost savings: Separating the drum unit DR2400 and toner cartridge TN2420 allows you to replace only the cartridge when it runs out of toner. For example, you needn’t replace both the DR2400 drum units and Brother MFC-L2710DW toner together. This can save a lot of costs over time.
2)Reduced waste: By only replacing the toner cartridge TN2420 when it runs out, you reduce the amount of waste generated by your printer. This is particularly important for businesses and individuals who are trying to minimize their environmental influence.
3)Improved print quality: Brother’s drum units are designed to last much longer than toner cartridges. By separating the two, you can ensure that you are always using a high-quality drum, which can help to improve print quality and consistency.
4)Easier maintenance: Separating the drum unit and toner cartridge makes it easier to perform maintenance on your printer. For example, if you need to clean the drum unit, you can do so without having to replace the toner cartridge TN2420 at the same time.
5)Longer printer lifespan: By using a separate drum unit, you can extend the lifespan of your printer. This is because the drum unit is typically the component that wears out first. By replacing it separately, you can avoid replacing the entire printer prematurely.
Overall, Brother’s drum unit and toner cartridge separation design offers a range of benefits that can help to save you money, reduce waste, improve print quality, and extend the lifespan of your printer.

Problems about Poor Print Quality When using Brother TN2420:

Problem 1: Printouts have marks on them.

Resolution: Remove the drum from the printer if the printouts have a repeating pattern of marks on the page. Gently clean the drum surface with a lint-free cloth, taking care not to touch the surface with your fingers.

Problem 2: Printouts with faded characters

Resolution 2: If printouts show faint characters/letters down the page, you can print 15-20 pages and check to see if the problem persists.

Brother DCP L3550CDW

Frequently Asked Questions about Brother Drum Units

Q1: Must I buy a separate drum unit?

Your laser printer’s model will determine this. The drum device is typically integrated into the toner cartridge for HP laser printers. However, because the drum units for Brother laser printers are separate, you must also change them in addition to the toner cartridges, such as Brother DCP-L2530DW toner and Brother MFC L2710DW toner. Since it takes a while before the drum unit needs to be changed, it shouldn’t be a hassle.
How to replace Brother dr2400 toner

Q2: Could you tell me how to replace the drum unit DR2400?

Sure, I can help you with that. Here are the steps to replace the drum unit DR2400:
1)Turn off your printer and unplug it from the power source.
2)Open the printer cover to access the toner cartridge like Brother HL-L2350DW toner and drum unit.
3)Remove the toner cartridge by pressing down on the green lock lever and pulling it out of the drum unit.
4)Hold the drum unit by the handle and gently pull it out of the printer.
5)Dispose of the old drum unit in accordance with your local regulations.
6)Take the new DR2400 drum unit out of its packaging and remove any protective materials.
7)Place the new drum unit into the printer, aligning the green guides with the arrows on the printer.
8)Insert the toner cartridge into the new drum unit until you hear it click into place.
9)Close the printer cover and plug in the printer.
10)Turn on the printer and wait for it to warm up.
That’s it! Your new drum unit DR2400 is now installed and ready to use.

Q3: How do I Reset my Brother DR2400 Drum Counter?

Simply choose the method that corresponds to your printer model from the list of four options below, and you should be up and running in minutes. Simply turn on your machine and follow these simple steps.
How to reset Brother dr2400 drum counter

1.For the Brother DCP-L2510D, DCP-L2530DW, DCP-L2550DN, MFC-L2710DN and MFC-L2710DW
1)Ensure that the machine is turned on.
2)Shut the front cover.
3)Press OK and the Up arrow key simultaneously.
4)Select Drum by pressing OK.
5)To reset the drum counter, press the Up arrow key.

2. For the Brother HL-L2350DW, HL-L2370DN, and HL-L2375DW
1)Ensure that the machine is powered on.
2)Put the front cover back on.
3)At the same time, press OK and the Up arrow key.
4)To select Drum, press OK.
5)To reset the drum counter, press the down arrow key.
Regardless of the model of the printer, you should now be up and running. You can now continue to use the DR2400 drum unit in conjunction with the Brother HL L2350DW toner or Brother MFC-L2710DW toner, until the “Replace Drum or “Drum End Soon” message appears again.

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